Give a Kid a Voice

With over $140,000 in financial aid to give out every year for our Youth In Government and Model United Nations programs, we are introducing our Give A Kid A Voice campaign. This campaign seeks to raise money for the CCE scholarship fund, and we need your help! This logo shows how the YMCA Center for Civic Engagement attracts students from all over the state to create a kind and empowering community that seeks to give kids a voice. Whether you where a suit from Goodwill or Brooks Brothers, live in Cheatham County or Davidson, the financial aid program seeks to serve every student. We are looking for press people, artists, and passionate volunteers for our campaign! If you are interested (even if you do not do press normally) and would like to help, please email Even if you are an alum, we would love to have your help as well! 

“YMCA Youth in Government and Model UN programs have changed my life in innumerable ways. As a middle schooler, YIG was the first place that I felt the weight of my voice, and I understood that despite being young, I was capable of making meaningful change. But more importantly than teaching me to speak up,  the YMCA CCE taught me to listen. These conferences were the first time I was confronted with opinions very different from my own. Rather than teaching us to reject what we do not agree with, the CCE creates the space for constructive dialogue and compromise. I was taught to lead not by being the loudest person in the room, but by lifting up the voices of others. Through this process, the CCE has brought me life long friendships with folks who I never would have met otherwise; they come from different parts of the state, have different political beliefs, and have lived very different lives than I, but each of them has changed me for the better and opened my world view. Learning to connect across boundaries will always be the greatest gift this program has given me.” 


T-Shirt Design Contest

Calling all doodlers, artists, and delegates! Have you ever wanted to design a CCE t-shirt? Well, now you can! Draw a t-shirt design and email a png or jpeg Students grade 5-12 are allowed to enter. The winner not only gets their design featured across our 2019-2020 MUN and YIG t-shirts but also gets a free t-shirt! Send in a simple sketch or doodle and our marketing department will work with you to get the final product! Deadline is July 31st!

Rules: – Must be y-rated – Email a png or jpeg image with the subject line “T-Shirt Design Contest” to  
We encourage everybody to submit an idea. Who knows, you might be featured in our next 2019 MUN or 2020 YIG t-shirt!