MUN Frequently Asked Questions

For questions about conference components, debate, bill writing, or research, please check out our MUN Resources Page!

What are some first steps?
1. Contact the advisor at your school to make sure you are able to attend. If your school doesn’t have an advisor, or you don’t know who your advisor is, you can contact our Associate Director, Elise Dugger (
2. Register for the conference your school attends during the registration window. If you visit our middle or high school Model United Nations pages and click on your conference, you will find registration links. 

I’m not sure which conference my school is registered to attend?
Check which conference your school is currently registered for High Schools and Middle School, and if you believe that your school is planning to attend another conference, e-mail us to let us know!

What are the conference fees and is financial aid available?
Cost per delegate differs by school. However, each delegate will pay a $175 delegate fee and a portion of the hotel fee, which normally totals to around $300. Delegates who drop after the final deadline are still responsible for their delegate fee and any hotel costs the school incurs.
Financial Aid is available! Every year, the CCE gives out more than $100,000 in financial aid to students who would not otherwise be able to afford the conference fees. You can apply for financial aid online here.

What are the deadlines?
Deadlines are different for each conference. Please check the conference specific page on High School Model United Nations or Middle School Model United Nations. 

What is the dress code?
Dress code for the conference is business attire. 
Business attire includes: Suits, dresses, long skirts, blouses or sweaters, blazers, slacks, and appropriate dress shoes. 
Business attire does NOT include: Jeans, skirts shorter than 1 inch above the knee, strapless or spaghetti strap style tops, bare midriffs, bare backs, sandals, flip-flops, athletic shoes, Converse sneakers, or Birkenstocks.
There will also be one night at the conference where more casual, Y-appropriate clothes are allowed.

What is the theme for the dance?
This year, the theme for the dance has yet to be determined

Who runs MUN?
While the conference is planned by YMCA CCE Staff members, the conferences are run by a team of student-elected high school officers. They will preside over chambers, serve on the International Court of Justice, and lead components like the Secretariat, Security Council, or the Department of Public Information.

How can I get involved in conference leadership?
There are many opportunities for students to run for office. Consult the Conference Manual for a list of these opportunities and eligibility requirements, and the Election Guidelines for further regulations. Some offices do not require previous conference experience before running.

What should I bring to the Conference?
Consult our suggested packing list!

Should I bring money?
The only thing you need money for will be your meals. You will need to purchase 5 meals in Murfreesboro, though we encourage delegates to bring granola bars, cereal, etc. to offset breakfast costs. 
Merch will be for sale throughout the conference: T-Shirts for $10, Sweatshirts for $20, and stickers for $1. Pizza can also be ordered through the CCE for delivery at curfew for $10 each. If you wish to purchase any of these optional items, you may want to bring extra money. 
Delegates who violate conference parliamentary procedure or the code of conduct may also be asked to contribute a small fine, normally a dollar. All of the proceeds raised via donations and fines contribute to our partnership with Plan Padrino in Colombia, which allows 50 students to attend school in Ibague, Colombia. 

Can family or friends watch? 
Yes! We encourage family members or friends to cheer their student on during debate. Visitors are only allowed to attend daytime conference sessions and must check in to receive a visitor’s pass at the YMCA Info Desk upon arrival. No student is allowed to ride in any vehicle during the conference. Our full visitor policy can be found here.