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High School 2022 YIG Manual

Financial Aid Application

Conference Resources

How to Register (High School)
How to Register (Middle School)
YIG To-Do List
Component Explainer
Election Regulations
Officer Job Descriptions
Suggested Packing List
2021 Pre-Conference Training Sessions (High School)
2021 Pre-Conference Training Sessions (Middle School)

Debate Resources

Debate Explainer
Debate Script
Committee Chair Sample Script
2021 Showcase

Writing Resources

Bill Guide
Sample Brief (for Lawyers in the Supreme Court)

Research Resources

Tennessee State Government Homepage
Tennessee General Assembly
Tennessee Blue Book
Tennessee Code Annotated
Search Current Legislation
State Budget: 2020-21 Fiscal Year


2021 Capitol Conference Book
2021 Tristar Conference Book
2021 Volunteer Conference Book
2021 MS B Conference Book
2021 MS C Conference Book
2021 MS D Conference Book